Arts Commission

The Arts Commission is responsible for advising the city on Arts related issues and to implement a public arts program. It is open to all residents of Island County

Request for proposal Hladky Park hand rail.

Request for proposal park furniture.

Arts Commission Master Plan.
It was approved at the regular council meeting on May 16, 2016.

Project Proposal Form
The project proposal form is for anyone wishing to submit an arts-related proposal to the City of Langley.

Communications to the ARTS Commission can be sent to:

For more information on the Arts Commission contact Brigid Reynolds, or 360-221-4246 Ext. 26.
 Members of the Commission

Callahan McVay                         8/2021

Diane Diveless                           8/2019

Frank Rose                                 8/2019                               

Hank Nelson                               8/2018                             

Joann Quintana                          7/2021

Don Wodjenski                           9/2021


Staff assigned: Brigid Reynolds