Planning Advisory Board

The Planning Advisory Board (PAB) is a five-member volunteer body that functions as the City Council's primary resource for initiating, researching, reviewing and recommending action on land use-related activities. The Board's responsibilities are focused on legislative work (such as the creation of development regulations, overlay districts and plans).

The Planning Advisory Board typically meets in City Hall at 3:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month.

Comprehensive Plan Update Work Schedule

AUDIO of Meetings

PAB mtg 03-01-17
PAB mtg 9-07-16
PAB mtg 8-3-16
PAB mtg 7-6-16
PAB Regular Meeting 04-06-16
PAB Spec Meeting 3-30-16
PAB Meeting-Public Hearing 12-16-15 Audio
PAB & CC Meeting 1-13-16
PAB Public Hearing 1-20-16
PAB Public Hearing 2-17-16
Special Meeting 3-2-16
PAB & County 3-16-16

Communications to the PAB can be sent to: or

Click here for PAB Meeting Agenda's, Minutes and Packets 

Members of the Planning Advisory Board:

Christy Korrow

Roger Gage

JR Fulton

Rhonda Salerno

David Davis

Burton Beusch - Alternate

Staff Assigned: Planner, Brigid Reynolds