Comprehensive Plan

On April 5, 2021 City Council granted 2nd reading and approval for Ordinance No. 1076 and the Comprehensive Plan Amendments.
Here is a link to the consolidated Comprehensive Plan and Maps.

Update 2/2
Here is the SEPA determination of non-significance and SEPA checklist for the Comprehensive Plan amendments.  The comment period ends on February 16, 2021.  Contact Brigid, if you have any comments or questions. 

Comprehensive Plan 2020 Proposed Amendments
Here is a link to the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments. 

A summary of the amendments is as follows:  
- Add a goal regarding dismantling systemic racism to recognize that the City must begin to systematically review and change    its policies and practices to create a more inclusive and anti-racist City. 
- Add references and policies regarding form-based codes as an innovative planning tool that will enable this type of zoning   code.
- Add policies to support amendments to the Municipal Code Chapter 18.26 for Planned Unit Development neighborhoods.
- Add a reference that the goals and policies in the Shoreline Master Program form part of the Comprehensive Plan.

Two map amendments are proposed:  
- to amend Map LU-5 to add a Planned Unit Development overlay in support of amendments to the Municipal Code Chapter   18.26
- to add a Map UCP-7 that identifies  the Langley Retail Water Service Area

Comprehensive Plan Annual Docket
Pursuant to RCW 36.70A.130 cities and counties are required to review and amend their comprehensive plan and development regulations on a period basis every eight years.  Amendments may also be considered on an annual basis.  The City of Langley is accepting applications to amend the Comprehensive Plan beginning June 1 to August 26th, 2020.   Click here to access the application and FAQ.  Applications may be submitted by property owners or citizens. 

There is no fee to submit an application however you will be responsible for covering costs related to public notification.

Any person with a proposal on the final docket shall be responsible for completing any associated environmental reviews, checklists ore studies under SEPA for the proposed amendments.

Comprehensive Plan (2018)
Beginning in 2014 the Planning Department has been working with the Planning Advisory Board (PAB), City Council and interested community members on updating the Comprehensive Plan.   The final draft Comprehensive Plan is completed and posted here for your review.  

The Planning Advisory Board held a public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan on Tuesday January 30th at 5 PM at Langley City Hall, Council Chambers.  A recording of the public hearing can be heard here. Written submissions and a summary of verbal testimony can be found in the attachments to the staff report to PAB here.

The SEPA determination and Notice of Application is posted here.

Council granted final approval to the Comprehensive Plan on March 5, 2017.

Final Comprehensive Plan (3/5/2018)
2018 Comprehensive Plan-Final 

Final Comprehensive Plan Maps
LU-1 Island County UGA
LU-2 Joint Planning Area (JPA) Overlay Districts
LU-3 JPA Zone Districts
LU-4 Langley UGA
LU-5 Langley Overlay Districts
LU-6 Topography
LU-7 Critical Areas
LU-8 Potential Wetland Areas
LU-9 Historical Society 
LU-10 Land Use
T-1 Island County Roadways
T-2 WSDOT Road Classifications
T-3 Additional Transit Options
T-4 Langley Loop
T-5 Conceptual Trails
T-6 Sidewalk Inventory
UCF-1 Current Sewer Facilities
UCF-2 Future Sewer Facilities
UCF-3 Water Facilities
UCF-4 Stormwater Infrastructure
UCF-5 Third Party Utilities (PSE)
UCF-6 Public Service Facilities
POS-1 South Whidbey Parks & Open Spaces
POS-2 Langley Parks & Open Spaces
POS-3 Walkability to Parks & Open Spaces

Previous draft with track changes
Executive Summary
Land Use
Utilities & Capital Facilities
Parks & Open Space
Economic Development

Comprehensive Plan Maps
LU-1 Island County UGAs Map
LU-2 JPA Overlays Map
LU-3 JPA Districts Map
LU-4 Langley UGA Map
LU-5 Zone Map
LU-6 Overlay Districts Map
LU-7 Topography Map
LU-8 Critical Areas Map
LU-9 Potential Wetland Areas
LU-10 Land Uses
LU-11 Historical Society Properties Map

POS-1 Island County Parks and Open Space Map
POS-2 City Parks and Open Space Map
POS-3 5 Min Walking Distance Map
T-1 Island County Roads Map
T-2 WSDOT Road Classifications Map
T-3 Additional Transit Map
T-4 Langley Loop Map
T-5 Conceptual Trails Map
UCF-1 Sewer Current
UCF-2 Sewer Future
UCF-3 Water Infrastructure 
UCF-4 Stormwater Infrastructure 
UCF-5 Third Party Utilities (PSE) 
UCF-6 Public Service Facilities 
UCF-7 Sidewalk Inventory 

Council PAB Joint meeting 6-26-17 powerpoint

Summary of Public Comments
Comments from Design Langley

Feet First, a pedestrian advocacy non-profit organization, reviewed the Comp Plan and provided comments.

Comments received from the Planning Advisory Board.

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