East Langley Infrastructure Ad Hoc (ELIAH) Committee - DISBANDED

The East Langley Infrastructure Ad Hoc committee has been formed by the council to investigate a range of possible infrastructure scenarios starting including water, storm water, sewer and road improvements in East Langley. This group is also looking at similar and other infrastructure improvements in the Langley core.

The committee will examine:
1.  Infrastructure improvement Project Description
2.  Geographic impact of project
3.  Technical date
4.  Engineering description, data and diagrams
5.  Cost estimates
6.  Funding
7.  Produce a consumer cost vs. funding matrix
8.  Provide a summary of Pros, Cons, Outstanding concerns

The committee meets on an irregular basis depending on member availability.

Dominique Emerson
Peter Morton
Tim Doubberful
Susan Tomic
Stan Berryman
Randi Perry

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2018 Agendas and Minutes

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