Public Works Advisory Commission (PWAC)

The Public Works Advisory Commission meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 3:00 p.m. in City Hall.

Communications to the PWAC can be sent to: or

Members of the Public Works Advisory Commission are:

Dominique Emerson, Chair                       04/2022

Jim Dobberfuhl                                          04/2021

Tom Fox                                                    04/2022

Fred Lundahl                                             04/2023

Vacancy – 1 Alternate

Staff Assigned:   Randi Perry, Utilities Supervisor

Click here for PWAC Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Packets

12-09-2020 PWAC ZOOM Meeting
10-14-2020 PWAC ZOOM Meeting

09-23-2020 PWAC ZOOM Meeting
09-09-2020 PWAC ZOOM Meeting
09-03-2020 PWAC ZOOM Meeting
08-12-2020 PWAC ZOOM Meeting
07-29-2020 PWAC SPECIAL Meeting - RATES ZOOM
06-10-2020 PWAC ZOOM Meeting