City Staff

City Staff Directory & Contact Information

City of Langley
PO Box 366
112 Second Street
Langley, WA 98260
PHONE: (360) 221-4246
FAX: (360) 221-4265
 City Hall from Second Street


Unless otherwise noted, staff can be reached by calling the main City Hall number: (360) 221-4246
and then entering extension listed below.

Mayor Scott Chaplin


Clerk Treasurer /
Finance Director
Monica Felici x15
Deputy Clerk/Public Records  Roberta Happel x27
Assistant Clerk/Utilty Clerk 
Darlene Baldwin x17
Director of Public Works    
Utilities Supervisor/
Treatment Plant
Randi Perry (360) 221-4274
City Engineer Robin Nelson

(425) 681-2074

Director of Community Planning

Permit Technician

Brigid Reynolds

Alex Cattand

Building Inspections Alex Cattland x25
Chief of Police Don Lauer  x19 (360) 221-4433