Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

PW truck

Q: Who would I call for an emergency call during non-working hours?
A: Call 911

Q. Why is my water brown?
A. Click here for explanation.

Q: If I have a non-emergency problem who should I call? 
A: Call the Public Works Department at 360-221-4246 ext. 13 to report your problem or concern. If necessary, a service order will be issued.

Q: What might cause my water bill to be higher than normal?
A: Watering gardens and lawns in the summer, leaky faucets or flush tanks, water softener leaks, broken pipes or hose connections which may have frozen during winter.

Q: Who is responsible if there is a water leak?
A: The City is responsible for service to your property line. When your connection to the City main crosses your property line, any breaks or leaks are the property-owner's responsibility.

Q: If the toilet backs up, will the City fix it?
A: The City is not responsible for repairing damage to the sewer beyond the connection to the City's main line. If the damage is on private property, the property owner is responsible for repairs.