Understanding and Responding to White Nationalism - April 12, 2021 @ 3:30pm

Understanding and Responding to White Nationalism: A Training from Western States Center

White nationalism and other forms of organized bigotry pose a threat both to communities of color and other targeted communities as well as to inclusive democracy itself. The entire nation saw this threat during the January 6 insurrection, but it does not apply to the federal government alone. Local governments across the country face the joint responsibility of keeping their communities safe from violence and intimidation while also strengthening and safeguarding the democratic process.
In this workshop, we will 1) gain a deeper understanding of white nationalism and other anti-democratic movements; 2) explore how anti-democratic groups interact with local democratic institutions; and 3) discuss approaches that city and community leaders can take to strengthen inclusive democracy in the context of rising white nationalism.
The workshop is being provided by Western State Center (WSC), a nationwide organisation who works to strengthen inclusive democracy so all people can live, love, worship and work free from fear.  

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April 12, 2021 @ 3:30pm